Here is the broadcast link for tonight's BBB game between the Tornadoes and HCV. We hope you enjoy! LINK:
5 days ago, Rocky Fredericksen
Dollars for Scholars fundraiser starts tonight! Link for more information:
5 days ago, Jeff Manley
At this time, Cavalier Public School plans to continue with staff and students wearing masks while in the building, on the bus, and at athletic activities. We will take short breaks when distanced and continue to evaluate numbers in our city and county.
8 days ago, Jeff Manley
A letter is being sent home with every student today regarding this change as well. Back in December, our district decided to incorporate a weekly Wednesday early dismissal to assist staff with the extra workload of serving students on quarantine as well as face-to-face. With the continued low numbers affecting our school district over the past several weeks, we will be discontinuing the early weekly dismissals after January 13th. At this time, the district will continue with our regular school calendar for the remainder of the 2020-2021 school year. We WILL have our regular scheduled early dismissals on February 10th, March 10th, and April 14th as planned. Keep in mind that this could change over the upcoming months. If close contact and positive cases of coronavirus drastically affect our student and staff population as they did in November, we may need to implement the weekly Wednesday early dismissal again. If so, we will notify all families by Noon on Mondays of any changes via our school app, social media, text, and phone message. Again, we plan to follow our regular calendar the remainder of the school year. Please contact us at the school if you have any questions.
13 days ago, Jeff Manley
Ticket information for Cavalier fans for tonight's BB doubleheader with Langdon: Each girls BB player has received 6 ticket vouchers and each boys BB player and cheerleader have received 4 ticket vouchers to distribute as they wish. Please contact these participants if you need a voucher for tonight's game. You must have a voucher in order to attend. JV boys-3:45, JV girls-5:00, V girls-6:15, V boys-7:30.
15 days ago, Jeff Manley
Happy 2021! We received word from the USDA that the free breakfast & lunch program has been extended through the end of the 2020-21 school year. Students will still be charged for any extra items. We are also reminding everyone, if you haven't already, to download the Cavalier Public School app on their smartphone. The app provides quick and easy access to our school website and social media pages.
21 days ago, Jeff Manley
We apologize for the poor picture with NFHS Network right now. It is a problem on their end again. We will try to get it remedied ASAP.
22 days ago, Jeff Manley
Below is a link to information from other Region 2 schools about attendance at events. Changes will be reflected as schools change/update information.
22 days ago, Jeff Manley
Below is the link to the GBB & BBB games today at Northern Cass. JV games at 1 pm, Var. Girls at 3 & Var. Boys at 4:30. Not sure if JV games will be streamed.
28 days ago, Jeff Manley
The elementary, middle school, high school Christmas concerts are able to viewed as YouTube videos on the school website, the school Facebook page, and the school Twitter page. Enjoy!
about 1 month ago, Jeff Manley
No fans will be allowed at the Boys Basketball games in St. John on December 21st. Games will be shown on the NFHS Network.
about 1 month ago, Rocky Fredericksen
Menu change! Thurs. Dec 17th lunch will be grilled chicken breast on a whole grain bun with smiley potatoes. Tues. Dec. 22nd is Hot dog on a bun with baked beans.
about 1 month ago, Bridget Hay
Reminder of our early dismissal on Wednesday, December 16th at 1:30 pm. Currently we have not received ANY calls about extra ESP students during the 1:30-3:30 timeframe. Please contact us ASAP if this is needed for your child. Regular ESP will run as normal from 3:30-5:30.
about 1 month ago, Jeff Manley
The following attendance guidelines will be used for the December 15 th ---Grafton Boy’s Basketball contest and the Park River FL Girl’s basketball contest. NO VISITING FANS WILL BE ALLOWED AT EITHER OF THESE CONTESTS. Games will be live streamed on the GO Spoilers You Tube channel and
about 1 month ago, Rocky Fredericksen
Link to Tuesday's Cavalier vs Park River girls bb games: Link to Tuesday's Cavalier vs. Grafton boys bb games:
about 1 month ago, Jeff Manley
Region 2 schools have agreed to video broadcast home games for free this winter. Many schools in our region are using the NFHS Network. In order to view, go to www.nfhsnewtwork/users/sign_up and create an account. Once created, search for Cavalier High School and "follow". The link for each scheduled contest should appear. Just click and view. We will be sending out other links on the school app, Facebook, Twitter pages about schools using other sites to broadcast events
about 1 month ago, Jeff Manley
Crazy Christmas Friday! Friday, December 18th. Pay $1.00 to wear your favorite Christmas outfit to school. All proceeds will go to the Pembina County Backpack Program.
about 2 months ago, Amber Jonasson
All home GBB, BBB & WR events (JH-JV-V) will be streamed via the NFHS Network for free this winter. A person wanting to view still has to set up an account with NFHS Network to view. Most Region 2 basketball schools have agreed to provide this service for free. Still working on wrestling schedule for streaming. At this time, most schools are allowing only up to 50 home fans. More details to follow in upcoming days.
about 2 months ago, Jeff Manley
Cavalier School approved at a Special School Board meeting last night to have an early dismissal for students on Wed., Dec. 16th and each Wednesday in January to allow teachers time to prep/plan for students out on quarantine/isolation. See link for more info:
about 2 months ago, Jeff Manley
Middle School & High School Christmas Concert guidelines-Families will be given two tickets per family. There will be separate tickets for each concert. Tickets will be sent home with each student today & tomorrow. The concerts will be shown live on TornadoVision and on Facebook Live on the school Facebook page. The concert will also be recorded to enable viewing after the concert. The grade 6-8 concert will begin at 6:30 pm. The grade 9-12 concert will begin at 8 pm.
about 2 months ago, Jeff Manley