Don't forget to grab your wreaths today! Thanks to everyone who purchased. It was our biggest year in sales! Very lucky to be part of such a supportive community!
1 day ago, Jenna Kemnitz
Wreaths and other evergreen products will be available for pickup starting at 3:00 tomorrow until roughly 5:15. They will be at the east side of the elementary parking lot.
2 days ago, Jenna Kemnitz
Mr. Bennett’s Invention & Innovation class and Mrs. Jonasson’s 2nd graders teamed up to make some cool gifts today. They showed the 2nd graders how to use a Glowforge machine to put names on Christmas gifts. The machine used a laser to engrave. They thought it was awesome! We also made a few Christmas trees. Thanks Mr. Bennett and class for helping!
7 days ago, Amber Jonasson
Evergreen fundraising items will be in and distributed next Monday, Nov. 29th after school. Sorry for any inconveniences, as we originally expected them to be delivered this week.
7 days ago, Jenna Kemnitz
Cavalier students in grades 6-12 will be attending the Tasha Schuh presentation in Walhalla at 1 pm on December 1st. Tasha will also present an evening session open to the public with a meal starting at 6 pm, followed by a 7 pm presentation.
7 days ago, Jeff Manley
Tasha Schuh presentation
Fall Sports awards night will be on Monday, November 29th at 7:30 PM in the gym. This is for high school cross country, volleyball, football, and cheerleading.
8 days ago, Jonathan Moquist
Congratulations to Madi as she has just committed to play basketball for the Jamestown Jimmies next year!
8 days ago, Jonathan Moquist
Congratulations to these middle school and high school students for receiving the Terrific Tornadoes award for Quarter 1. These students were chosen by their teachers for this award by exemplifying high character traits. Congratulations and keep up the good work!
11 days ago, Matt Ford
Qtr 1 Terrific Tornado Winners
ESP parents: the new ESP phone number is 701-270-0154. Please make this change in your phones. Thanks!
11 days ago, Bridget Hay
Due to technical difficulties the ESP number will be the following: 701-371-8568 for the next two days. We will update with the new number when available. Thank you!
12 days ago, Bridget Hay
11th Annual Veterans Day Program sponsored by Cavalier FBLA.
14 days ago, Amber Jonasson
Please join us tonight at 5:30 in the FCS room at the school for our PTO meeting. All parents, guardians, and patrons are welcome to join. These meetings are a great way for community/school to engage to bring forth ideas to make are school that much better. Please come and check it out.
14 days ago, Matt Ford
Seniors engaged in Hexagonal Thinking to review the class novel. Students were given tiles with elements from the novel and arranged related tiles next to each other. This led to building a web of connections, which encouraged higher-level understanding and discussions
15 days ago, Michele Moquist
Winter is here! Please make sure your child has a coat, snow pants, boots, a hat, and gloves for recess! Thank you!
16 days ago, Amber Jonasson
winter gear
Congratulations to the Tornadoes football team on a great season! The team is leaving Fargo now (1:20 PM) and headed back to Cavalier for a welcome home ceremony at the school. It will begin 15-30 minutes after they arrive at the school. Drive home safe Tornadoes and fans!
18 days ago, Jonathan Moquist
Congratulations to Lily Crosby and Eden Carrier on being named to the all-region volleyball team! Check out their stats and the rest of the winners at the link:
19 days ago, Jonathan Moquist
It's State Football Week! Here is an updated schedule of events of the next few days.
20 days ago, Caitlyn Hunter
State Football Week
Please turn in any wreath order forms today. Thank you SO MUCH to those who have ordered!
20 days ago, Jenna Kemnitz
Students of the 1st Quarter. Congratulations!
21 days ago, Amber Jonasson
Wednesday is the last day to order wreaths or other evergreen products. Thank you to those who have already purchased and supported the playground! PreK-5 kids: If each family sells 2 products, then we'll sell more than last year! Bring orders to Mrs. Kemnitz this Wed. Thanks!
22 days ago, Jenna Kemnitz