May Stormchasers

May Day

By Claire Hagen

As we all know May Day is a European holiday commonly celebrated for the beginning of summer. May Day is also known as Workers Day, commemorating the historic struggles and gains made by workers and the labor movement. May Day is celebrated by more than 160 countries around the world, some countries such as the UK and Ireland celebrate a holiday on the first Monday in May. The Greeks and Romans held such festivals as well. Part of the Original Origins of May Day are collecting wildflowers and green branches.

Another thing is it is believed if you wash your face with dew on the morning of may first, it would completely beautify the skin. Nowadays we mostly just enjoy giving baskets full of goods to our friends, family, and neighbors. As you know now May Day has changed quite a bit over the span of 100 years or so, but it is still about giving and receiving and just celebrating with the people you love.


Cavalier High School Sandbagging

By Cheyenne Hogue

Cavalier high school students helped their town by filling up loads of sandbags from 9:30am to 3:25pm. The flood warning grows as dams struggle to keep up, but that doesn’t stop our students from working hard to keep houses and towns safe from the water. Cavalier students were hard at work making sure every single pallet was filled with sandbags. We can’t forget about all the staff who also helped out and made everything possible. Due to the river flooding there are so many people needing to evacuate their homes. The town is incredibly grateful for all the help they received and the students are more than ready to help out again if and when it is needed. As the water continues to rise this flood becomes just as bad as what happened in 2013, but Cavalier stands at the ready.

Mock Trial

By Cheyenne Hogue

On April 29, 2022 Cavaliers Juniors and Seniors had their annual mock trial.  A mock trial is an act or imitation trial. It is similar to a moot court, but mock trials simulate lower-court trials, while moot court simulates appellate court hearings. While the court and teachers would like to simulate a trial court proceeding, mock trial is not about getting to a "guilty" or "not guilty" verdict. Rather, each team member is scored based on their performance, including factors like knowledge of the rules of evidence, command of case facts, presentation ability, and persuasiveness. Cavalier High School thanks everyone who participated and was involved in making this happen and giving this amazing opportunity to be part of this experience. 

List of people participating in the trial:

Carsen Lindsey- Defense Lawyer

Lily Crosby- Defense Lawyer

Caden DeMars- Bob Smith

Coby Morden- Pat Baker

Skyler Kruegar- Bailiff

Faith Hartje- Susan Smitty

Trevor Hinkle- Mike Miller

Aliyson Tollefson- Danielle Hannesson

Jasmyn Johnson- Prosecution Lawyer

Brysen Cleem- Prosecution Lawyer

Shelby Russel- Special Agent Laura Trouble

Arawen Nelson- Jane Doe

Halle Keney- Clerk

Isaiah Lopez- Bailiff

Rest of Juniors and Seniors- The Jury


By: Claire Hagen

Stormchaser editors would like to make a correction on last months drama article. Jennifer Schroeder is the elementary music teacher who is starting the new drama club. We are so sorry that we put the wrong first name and misspelled the last name. Mrs. Schroeder is working hard to get the drama club up and running for next school year. 


By: Nora Crosby

The Pembina County Grizzlies softball team finished their hectic season on Saturday! With the crazy weather this spring, there was a late start to the season. Most fields were covered in either snow or water for a good portion of the season, preventing any team in our region from having the normal amount of games. The Grizzlies played a total of 11 games and played in one tournament. Over half of the games played were on the football field of Mayville State University. The wonderful people at Mayville converted the football field to a makeshift softball field to allow teams to play on the turf. Going into the regional tournament, they were ranked 6th. They lost their game to Grafton on Saturday May 21st, eliminating them from the tournament. When asked about being on the softball team this year, she states, “Our team may be young but it’s mighty! The way seventh graders, eighth graders, and sophomores stepped up to play varsity, it’s something I’ve never seen in a varsity sport.  It was an amazing and unique experience to be a part of  the team this year. I'm proud of this team and what we’ve accomplished this year!” Lily Crosby and Jezimay Watson did a fantastic job of leading the team as the only seniors. The coaches Casey Krieg, Melissa Gagner and Brooke McKay have done a great job teaching and encouraging their players. Thank you for your dedication and wisdom and congratulations girls on a great season.

Advice for Seniors

By: Nora Crosby

This time of year brings about a lot of sadness and stress but also joy and excitement as our seniors leave us. Many of us are sad that our friends or family are leaving us to face an unpredictable yet beautiful world. Between moving away from home and family, learning how to live and support oneself, and making it in the world socially, seniors can be left clueless and overwhelmed. To hopefully provide some insight, some of the teachers at Cavalier High School give their advice to this year’s Class of 2022. Mrs. Lindner, the art teacher, says,  “One thing that’s probably said a lot but people don’t think it is worthwhile is trust your gut. Because your gut feeling is kinda like your conscience, steer-heading you, helping you make good decisions and helping you out of bad situations. I think your gut will tell you a lot and don’t be afraid to ask questions if you're uncertain about things in the classroom or at work. It’s not a sign of weakness.” Ms. Hanson, the history teacher, reminds seniors to “stay true to who you are and remember to keep your priorities straight while having fun.” The math teacher, Mrs. Erlendson, tells students to “pay attention to detail.” One of the English teachers Ms. Gensler says “Always work hard and do your best to shine bright, as Shakekespeare said, ‘It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves.’" The other English teacher at Cavalier High School, Mrs. Moquist, suggests that students should, “Work hard, stay humble, remember your roots and go far.” Congratulations to all our graduating seniors for making it through the rollercoaster that is highschool. We are all proud of you and excited to see what you do as you begin your next chapter of life!