April Stormchasers


By Claire Hagen

For Cavalier High School students drama has never really been a class or an option. If you wanted to do anything like that you waited till the end of the year for Missoula Children’s Theater. Now though, thanks to the elementary music teacher Ann Shroader we have a drama club, hopefully soon to be an actual class! Speaking of Missoula Children’s Theater this year's play is Red Riding Hood. The performance dates are May 16th and 21st. If you want to sign up to be in it, contact Mrs. Kennedy. So stop by and enjoy the show it's open to everyone!

Edinburg Music Festival

By Cheyenne Hogue

Cavalier High school band and choir attended Edinburg music festival gaining multiple ones and stars. The music festival helps grow our community and reunite the choir and bands in order to get a taste of all different sounding styles. There were multiple outstanding judges giving a lot of amazing critiques and Cavalier came home with a better understanding of what they needed to fix! This will help for Regionals in Mayville. Wish the choir good luck on their upcoming performances.

Mayville Band and Choir Regionals

By Cheyenne Hogue

Cavalier High school did absolutely outstanding during Regionals in Mayville and we have 18 people going to state this year.. Give congratulations to the band and choir students as no one got below a one rating. Being as everyone got one and above is amazing and everyone had a good time. This year has been very chaotic with the weather and the school is happy that everyone got their safely and did their absolute best. 

The Ratings:

Laudamus Te = Star

Lasceia Ch’io Pianga = 1

Benedictus = Star

Omnia Sol = Star and Outstanding Performance

Simple Gifts (band) = 1

Meros euphonium solo = Star

Duo Concerto No. 1 = Star

Ariana Clarinet Solo = Star

Psalms 23 = 1

Brightly vocal solo = Star

Lia vocal solo = 1

Lily vocal solo = Star

Ashley vocal solo = 1

Cheyenne vocal solo = 1

Jocelyn vocal solo = star

Erica vocal solo = star

Carsen trombone solo = star and outstanding performance 

Science Olympiad

By: Nora Crosby

This past month, the Cavalier High School Science Olympiad team competed in two contests testing their science knowledge. During these contests students compete in various events against other schools to either out-smart, out-build or simply out-do their opponents. There are building events, test taking events, experimenting events and more. For example, one could take a cell biology test or build a bridge and see how much weight it could hold. The team has been practicing and studying for their events for quite a few months under the direction and supervision of the splendid science teacher Ms. Grandalen. On March 24, Ms. Grandalen and her team traveled to Botineau to compete in the regional contest. The team placed third in Division B and advanced to the State competition. The students who placed at regionals were: Cylee Walton and Nora Crosby, third place for “Wright Stuff”; Nora Crosby and Caitlin Johnson, first place in “Anatomy and Physiology” and first place in “Write It, Do It”; Ava Kemnitz and Madilyn Gauthier, third place in “Forensics'' and first place in “It’s About Time”; and Cylee Walton and Colten Hurst placed second in “Gravity Vehicle”. The team traveled to Fargo on Friday, April 22 and had their state competition at NDSU the next day. The team competed against other schools including Grand Forks Red River, Bismarck Legacy, Langdon, and many others. The team placed in three events which were: Ava Kemnitz and Madilyn Gauthier, second place in “It’s About Time”; Nora Crosby and Tisha Patel, first place in “Bridge”; and Nora Crosby and Cylee Walton, second place in “Wright Stuff”. Congratulations to all the students who participated in these competitions! And a special thanks to Ms. Grandelan for her dedication to helping and guiding these students throughout this year’s season!


By: Caitlin Johnson

With the FBLA State Leadership Conference rolling around many of its participants are on crunch time. The Cavalier FBLA Chapter made their way down to Bismark on March 26 for this event. Though some students went completely prepared and having studied for much over ten hours for this conference, many spent their time studying on the bus ride down there. However, multiple students placed higher than expected. Jocey Falde took first in Business Etiquette, Malory Kemp took first in Career Research, and Kaylee Kemp took first in Data Analysis. A group that consisted of Shirley Kemp, Addi Manley, Caitlyn Karau, and Piper Kendall took second in their event and Malory Kemp took second in another one of her events as well. Third place was achieved by two groups. These groups included Natalie Greenwood and Jocey Falde and Isaiah Wood and Caleb Muth. Caitlin Johnson received ninth place in Business Law; Cylee Walton and Caitlin Johnson also competed in Broadcast Journalism but unfortunately did not make it past the preliminary tests.