January Stormchasers

Boys Basketball

By: Caitlin Johnsonand Claire Hagen

With winter just around the corner, the boys basketball team has decided to kick off their season. While the boys are working hard in practice, the cheerleaders are also preparing to cheer the boys on through their wins and their losses. The boys have their first game on Saturday December 11th at noon against the Midway-Minto Mustangs. The boys would love to see the stands filled with their adoring parents, family, and friends cheering them on to victory. After a tough season last year, the Tornadoes are ready to bounce back and be stronger than ever. Good luck to the boy’s basketball team and the cheerleaders! So far the boys basketballs wins are  5-7. This years seniors are Caden Demars, Bryson Cleem, Colby Morden, Isaiah Lopez, and Ty Holmquist. Keep working hard guys!


By Claire Hagen

This years seniors for wrestling is our very own Demetrius cano Avila, Trevor Hinkle, Grady Hornung, Autumn Faulkenberry, Gracie Stremick, Eli Bjornstad, and Ashton Vaughn. Currently we seem to be doing pretty well as a team. So keep on going out there and giving your all!

Spelling Bee 

Claire Hagen

This year’s spelling bee went very well the 5th grade through 8th-grade kids chosen are Mallory Kemp, Owen Crosby, Caitlyn Karau, Piper Kendall, Jack Gunderson, Charlotte Crowston, Caleb Halverson, Hayden Reimer, and last but not least Aubrey Ratliff good luck to this year’s kids!

Martin Luther King Jr. Day

By Caitlin Johnson

“I have a dream,” the beginning of a famous quote that was eloquently spoken by Martin Luther King Jr. on August 28, 1963, that brought to light one activist’s dream for America and their view on people of color. Martin Luther King Jr.’s life held many great achievements. History.com calls King “the driving force” behind many protests, including the Montgomery Bus Boycott. King had risked his and many others lives during his career to fight for the ability to be considered a valued person. During the 385 days that the Montgomery Bus Boycott lasted, King was arrested. His house was bombed and he faced a lot of backlash. However, in the end, the boycott was successful. On December 20, 1965, The Supreme Court ruled it unconstitutional for public transportation to be segregated. King was awarded a Nobel Peace Prize in 1964 for his astonishing achievements within the movements of Civil Rights and The Voting Act. Before his assassination on April 4, 1968, Martin Luther King Jr. led a successful career. Thanks to his courageousness, people of color now have the ability to fulfill their right to be treated with equality.