February Stormshasers

Valentine’s Day

 by Claire Hagen

Valentine's Day is a day of appreciating who you have and showing love to them. So this Valentines Day Cavalier Public School decided to do valentine bags, basically what these are, are little bags full of candy anyone in the school can send to anyone else in the school. It's a way of showing your appreciation and love to them. Its also a very helpful way to raise money for prom so you can support the student body and send your thanks, and respect to friends and loved ones.

Poetry Out Loud

By Nora Crosby

Poetry Out Loud is a national competition in which students memorize a poem and recite it in front of an audience. Our students at Cavalier Highschool are taking part in this educational competition. All high school students have picked a poem and have presented it to their English classes taught by either Ms. Gensler or Mrs. Moquist. The two teachers chose the students they felt presented their poems the best. Those students got to recite their poems in front of the high school on January 26. This group of students consisted of Erica Ralston, Lydia Gauthier, Cylee Walton, Kaylee Kemp, Nora Crosby, and Madilyn Gauthier. Erica Ralston placed first and Nora Crosby was runner up. Erica will go on to compete on February 28 in Bismarck at the state level competition.