New addition to CHS Art Gallery

Andre Carrier, son of Shawn and Denelle Carrier of Cavalier, has entered the CHS permanent art collection for the 2019-2020 school year.  Andre’s pencil portrait drawing of Kobe Bryant is one of strong contrasts and textures.  Andre’s blending technique of values created realism, beautiful skin tones, and dark eyes that draw the viewer in.  The drawing portrays a different personality of Kobe then of one we know of as a famous basketball player.  Andre excelled in other art media also but his drawings display more of the emotional side of people and their talents.  

Currently Andre is a freshman at North Dakota State University. The Cavalier High School Art Gallery was formed 13 years ago by former members of the Cavalier Arts and Crafts Society.  Art selection for the gallery takes place during the annual CHS Art Show held in May.  Andre’s work is the 67th piece in the permanent art gallery.  The CHS Art Gallery is open to the public during school hours or special events at the school.