Virtual Learning Academy Readiness Guide

Cavalier Public School

Virtual Learning Academy

Student Readiness Guide


Essential Needs for All Students in Grades K-12:

-Basic proficiency with technology and/or an ability to learn new technology

-Ability to learn independently using a Learning Management System (i.e. Canvas)

-A motivation and ability to learn independently with limited support from an educator

-Excellent study skills and habits

-Ability to connect to the internet with reliable high-speed service

-Ability and desire to collaborate on frequent video Zoom meetings with assigned educator and other virtual learning students

-The program has been designed to meet the individual needs of all students and will be rigorous, challenging, and fully accredited.

-Commitment from a parent/guardian who is willing to be involved in their child’s virtual learning program and communicate with the assigned virtual learning educator.

-An agreement will be signed by the student and parent/guardian that will require at a minimum of a semester (18 weeks) commitment for the virtual learning program.

Highlights and Student Readiness for the Grades K-5 Program

-The daily classes will follow a 9 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. schedule, Monday – Friday.

-The classes will follow a week-by-week schedule and students will not be allowed to complete classes beyond the week.

-The program and classes will be delivered virtually for students. A virtual learning educator will be assigned to a group of students to help guide and facilitate learning for students in the program. A virtual helpdesk will be available for students who need support throughout the process.

Highlights and Student Readiness for the Grades 6-12 Program

-Students and families will work together with the Principals at Cavalier School to complete the registration process through ND Center for Distance Education.

-All courses will be structured in a manner that may require attendance in specific live lessons held virtually during the day. Most courses are asynchronous and self-paced at the 9-12 level. A virtual helpdesk will be available for students who need support throughout the process.

Timeline for Virtual Learning in Grades K – 5 through Arizona State University and the Southeast Dakota DRN Virtual Learning Academy

●             August 17-21--Finalize numbers and enrollment in the Academy

●             August 17-21—Finalize hiring of staff

●             August 24-28—Train staff

●             August 24-28--Host Parent/Family Webinar

●             August 31—Begin the Virtual school year for those enrolled


Supply List for Grades K-2-The following supplies will be necessary for all students enrolling in Virtual Learning. Additional supplies may be required in the future.

Digital Learning Essentials

-Computer/laptop (may be issued by the school district)

-1 set of headphones (noise cancelling preferred)

-1 package of dry erase markers

-1 small whiteboard/dry erase board

                Writing, Drawing and Working with Text

-Sharpened #2 pencils & erasers

-3 highlighters (yellow, green, and your choice)

-1 primary writing journal (with lines & space for drawing at the top)

-2 single subject spiral notebooks (wide ruled)

-Blank white copy paper

-Post-it notes

-2 packs of note cards

-Box of colored pencils

-Box of crayons (at least 24)

-Glue & glue sticks

-Kid safe scissors

                Math Manipulatives

-Two 6-sided dice

-Two types of large beans, small rocks or cereal (separate in easy to use containers)

-Pennies & dimes

-Popsicle sticks

-12” ruler with both inches and centimeters

-Unifix cubes, two-color counters are optional, but recommended



-Pencil box/pouch

-1 pencil sharpener

-3 folders with pockets and binder holes

-3 ring binder: 1 ½ inch, with a clear cover pocket

-Plastic storage crate or storage box to keep materials together

Supply List for Grades 3-5- The following supplies will be necessary for all students enrolling in Virtual Learning. Additional supplies may be required in the future.

-#2 Sharpened Pencils with Erasers or Black Erasable Pens

-5 Spiral Notebooks

-Pocket Folder-3 Prong Folder

-Colored Pencils

-Colored Markers

-Glue or Glue Sticks

-1 pair scissors

-White Board with Fine Tipped Dry Erase Markers or Digital Slate and Stylus

-Multicolor highlighters Yellow/Green

-Index Cards

-Sticky Notes for reading groups

12” Inch ruler with both inches and centimeters

**Protractor for 5th Grade

Supply List for Grades 6-12- Specific supplies needed for the classes provided by the ND Center for Distance Education will be shared via the course syllabus as provided by each instructor.

Cavalier Public School

Virtual Learning Program

Parent/Guardian Commitment Form

This form will be required to be signed by all parent/guardians of students enrolling in the Virtual Learning Program at Cavalier Public School for the 2020-2021 school year. A signature below represents that you have read and understand all assurances related to the Virtual Learning Program.



I am choosing to enroll my student in an online learning environment. I understand instruction, peer interaction, expectations, and access to direct support will be different than a face-to-face traditional learning environment or the distance learning experience of Spring, 2020. Grade level placement will be according to board policy.

I understand any changes in enrollment between virtual and in-person instruction will take place only at the end of each 18 week (semester) as identified by the adopted school calendar.

I understand that attendance will be taken daily, and student must log onto the virtual platform and complete work daily. Current district polices on attendance will be enforced.

I have read, understand, and have reviewed with my child, the Virtual Learning Program Checklist and Virtual Learning Readiness Guide.

I understand access to the internet is essential to student success in an online learning environment. Furthermore, I acknowledge it is my responsibility to provide the same for my child as a condition of enrollment. My internet provider is: _______________________________

I understand that my child’s online work will be graded and assigned an official grade according to school district policy.

My child will have the necessary school supplies to support online learning.

I understand my child is subject to the policies of Cavalier Public School and agree to abide by the requirements of the relevant board adopted Student Handbook

Student Name (print)  ___________________________________________________________________

Parent/Guardian Name (print) ____________________________________________________________

I, ___________________________________ (parent/guardian signature) hereby consent to the Cavalier

Public School Virtual Learning Program expectations and guidelines for the benefit of

________________________________________________________ (Print Student First and Last Name)